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Our travel formalities management solution allows you to :

Travel Managers

Outsource electronic management of travel formalities in France and abroad: e-Visa, ETA, health forms, etc.

Travel Managers

Organize appointments at the embassy or consulate, making them conditional on completion of the file by D-3.

Optimize the efficiency of your physical appointments:

  • A smoother travel experience
    Pre-check the documents you need to enter your country
  • Efficiency and security
    Facilitate the work of your receptionists during appointments
  • Implementation
    Integrate our RGPD compliant service quickly while respecting data sovereignty
  • Flow control
    On D-3, if the necessary documents have not been completed, the appointment is postponed or cancelled.
  • Resource saving
    Visamundi provides you with documentary and technological maintenance tools
  • Image
    Improve travellers' first impression of your country and your services

Simplify your work with our 2 levels
service levels

Dedicated support for all your travel needs
An API for rapid, secure integration into the passenger journey

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  • Avatar Lilia CharguiChatti ★★★★★ one week ago
    I highly recommend it.
    Very simple, efficient and fast process.
    We are kept informed
    ... Read more very quickly of the status of the file.
  • Avatar OMAR AZOUGAGH ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
    Very fast service, with great ease of execution, thank you for making these tasks easier for us. ... Read more administrative.
  • Avatar SAHRAOUI Nabila ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
    Excellent service, the steps to follow are clear and simple. I received emails ... Read more I received follow-up e-mails every step of the way and my Visa was ready in 48 hours.

Visamundi in figures

destinations covered
Travel Managers
documents each year
Travel Managers
Travel Managers

A team of experts at your side

A specialized team and a French e-visa pioneer

Proven processes: RGPD compliant, anticipation of consular deadlines, invoicing of expenses to the embassy

A dedicated contact

Will we have a human advisor?

Yes, each embassy or consulate customer has a dedicated contact person. Visamundi

Do we need to manage travel documents?

2 possibilities: either we deal directly with your travelers in compliance with RGPD rules, or you keep control of file and document management.

Are you RGPD compliant?

Yes we comply with RGPD obligations by adapting our tools and training our employees.

Visamundi does it take a commission?

We make an API available to our partners, and then invoice according to the volume of files processed, in order to provide a realistic offer for embassy customers.

Will we have access to our travellers' documents?

Visamundi adapts to your systems and will, if you wish, provide you with the private URL of the traveler's document, which can then be integrated into your system. It won't change your habits.

How do you get in touch with Visamundi ?

A 1st contact allows us to define your needs and explain the steps involved. You will then be guided through the process and, if you wish, will have access to our tool for real-time monitoring of the progress of each project.

What time guarantee does Visamundi offer?

We are aware of the current administrative deadlines, we keep you informed of them, and we do our utmost to obtain the documents within the most suitable deadlines.

Can the solution handle large volumes of files?

Yes, we know how to handle peaks of activity, especially seasonal peaks (pilgrimages, seasons, news ...).

What languages do you speak?

Our teams are multilingual (5 languages) and our systems are translated.

What destinations does Visamundi offer?

We have dozens of destinations, and we're adding new ones all the time.

Can you also communicate on sanitary procedures?

Yes, we have our own tracking tools and can also pass on the information you provide directly to travelers, with follow-up and reminders if necessary.

Do you provide invoices for professionals?

Yes, we provide invoices for professionals, including VAT.

What currency do you accept payment in?

Visamundi collects payments in euros and assumes changes in the currency exchange rate imposed by the authorities.

How will you take into account our specific travel requirements?

We organize a 1st meeting to understand your expectations and carry out a preliminary check on the files (destinations, documents supplied, etc.).

Travel Managers

Visamundi is a French agency specializing in travel documents for individuals and professionals.
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