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Travel formalities can be a real source of anxiety for your visitors. By affiliating with Visamundi, you are offering them a personalized visa and service program backed by a reputable company that is well established in the tourist industry.

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Why join Visamundi ?

We work with major groups, as well as smaller travel agencies, flight booking tools and local receptive operators.

We are one of the leading online visa providers for the French-speaking and European markets. We currently cover dozens of countries worldwide, on every continent, and are regularly adding new destinations.

By joining Visamundi, you'll benefit from a personalized exchange with a team of destination experts and optimized processes.

Visamundi - Affiliate program

Technical solution

In order to offer you the best possible service, Visamundi has chosen Affilae as its technical intermediary. Affilae is an affiliation platform that offers you efficient management of your partnerships and high-quality personalized follow-up. In case of need, theAffilae support team offers excellent customer service and is available for all your needs.

How do I register for our Affilae program?

1️⃣ Register

On the registration form, enter your personal details and describe your blog.

2️⃣ Find us in the marketplace

Once your registration is validated, access the marketplace where you can find us.

3️⃣ Apply to our program 

In one click, join our affiliate program by applying to our program.

4️⃣ Validated partnership

Once your membership application has been accepted, distribute the ads or articles on your site.

Contact us viaAffilae's internal messaging service

Thanks to this messaging system, we'll be able to send you the various elements and visuals for a personalized affiliation to match your website. We'll also keep you up to date on our new products and special operations.

What business model am I offered?

6% commission 

on the amount of the sale

Payment threshold 

50.00 euros

Award method 

Last click

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Five Senses Guide

Through these e-magazines, we've chosen to guide web users through the senses of the human body. 

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