How do I get to Sal Island in Cape Verde?

Cape Verde is an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, some 570 km off the African coast. The island of Sal is one of the archipelago's most popular tourist destinations. If you're thinking of planning a trip to this beautiful island, here's some information that might help you get there.

Flight options to Sal island

Cape Verde Islands

The first step in getting to the island of Sal is choosing the most appropriate means of transport. Most visitors arrive by plane, as the island has its own international airport,Amílcar Cabral International Airport (SID).

Direct flights from Europe

Several airlines offer direct flights between Europe and Sal airport. These include TAP Air Portugal, Royal Air Maroc, Brussels Airlines and Cabo Verde Airlines. The main European cities served are Lisbon, Casablanca, Brussels and Paris. Flight times vary between 4 and 7 hours, depending on the departure city.

Flights with stopover

If you can't find a direct flight from your departure city, you can also take a flight with a stopover in another European or African city. For example, you can take a flight with a stopover in Lisbon (Portugal) or Dakar (Senegal). This option can be more economical, but generally involves longer journey times.

Choosing the dates of your stay

When planning your trip to the island of Sal, it's essential to take into account the climatic and tourist seasons, which can influence your experience. Cape Verde enjoys a tropical, arid climate, with average temperatures between 20 and 30°C throughout the year.

Dry season and high tourist season

The dry season generally runs from November to June, with warm temperatures and little rainfall. This is also the peak tourist season, when hotels and other tourist services can be more expensive and less available.

Rainy season and low tourist season

The rainy season runs from July to October, with slightly cooler temperatures and occasional showers. During this period, prices of accommodation and flights are often more affordable, but some tourist activities may be limited due to weather conditions.

Cape Verde entry formalities

To visit the island of Sal, nationals of many countries need a valid passport and sometimes a visa or electronic travel authorization (AVE) to enter Cape Verde. It is important to check the specific requirements for your nationality before departure.

Visa or EASE

Citizens of the European Union, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and certain other countries are exempt from visa requirements for tourist stays of less than 30 days. They must, however, obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (known as EASE) prior to arrival. This can be done online via the official Cape Verdean government website or through our agency, and costs around €31.

Vaccinations and health

No vaccinations are required for travel to Cape Verde, but some recommended vaccinations include those against hepatitis A and B, typhoid fever and rabies. It is also advisable to take out medical and evacuation insurance to cover any medical expenses incurred on site.

Getting around Sal

Once you've arrived on the island of Sal, there are a number of transport options for exploring the various tourist attractions and beaches.

  • Cabs: Taxis are available at the airport and in the main tourist areas. Prices are generally affordable, but it is advisable to negotiate the fare in advance.
  • Car rental: Several car rental agencies are present on the island, offering a wide variety of vehicles. Car rental can be a convenient option for those wishing to explore the island at their own pace.
  • Public transport: The island of Sal has a network of minibuses called "aluguers" connecting the main towns and tourist attractions. These vehicles are inexpensive, but often overcrowded and less comfortable than cabs or car rentals.
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