How much does an e-Visa for Tanzania cost?

Are you planning a trip to Tanzania and wondering how much an e-Visa for this country costs? In this article, we'll give you all the information you need to obtain your e-Visa under the best possible conditions. We'll also look at the advantages of using a visa agency and the nationalities involved.

What is an e-Visa and how do I get one?

An e-Visa, or electronic visa, is an official document allowing travelers to enter and stay in a country for a specific period of time. It replaces traditional visas, which require a visit to the consulate or embassy of the country concerned. The e-Visa application process is entirely online, greatly simplifying the process for travelers.

Steps to obtain an e-Visa for Tanzania

  1. Register on the official website: To get started, go to the Tanzanian government's official e-Visa website and create a user account. You can also use an intermediary.
  2. Complete the application form: Once you have logged in to your account, complete the application form with your personal and travel information.
  3. Paying the application fee: The price of an e-Visa for Tanzania varies according to the duration and type of visa. We'll look at these fees in more detail later in this article.
  4. Sending the necessary documents: Depending on your situation, you may be asked to provide supporting documents(photo ID, proof of accommodation reservation, etc.).
  5. Receive your e-Visa by e-mail: If your application is accepted, you will receive your e-Visa in PDF format by e-mail within a few days.

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How much does an e-Visa for Tanzania cost?

The price of an e-Visa for Tanzania depends on the type of visa and the length of stay required. Here's an overview of the different rates:

  • e-Tourist visa: Allows a maximum stay of 30 days in Tanzania and costs around €47 (consular fees only).
  • e-Business Visa: This also authorizes a stay of up to 30 days, but for business purposes, and costs around €234 (consular fees only).
  • e-Transit visa: For travelers in transit through Tanzania, the cost is around €28 (including consular fees) for a maximum stay of 6 days.

Please note that these rates are indicative only and may be subject to change due to currency fluctuations or changes in Tanzanian immigration policy.

The advantages of using a visa agency

Although it's perfectly possible to apply for an e-Visa on your own, there are several advantages to working through a visa agency:

  • Save time: The agency fills in the form for you and checks that all the information is correct, which can help you avoid mistakes and save precious time.
  • Personalized advice: The agency's experts are fully conversant with the procedures and can guide you towards the most appropriate type of visa for your situation.
  • Get support in the event of a problem: In the event of difficulty or refusal of your application, the agency can help you understand the reasons and correct any problems encountered.
  • Having someone to talk to in your own language: For those who don't speak English well, it can be reassuring to have a French-speaking contact to take care of all the formalities.

However, choosing a visa agency involves additional costs. So it's important to compare offers and factor this into your overall travel budget.

Nationalities eligible for Tanzania e-Visa

The Tanzanian e-Visa is available to most nationalities, including French, Belgian, Swiss and Canadian nationals. However, certain countries are exempt from visa requirements for short-term tourist stays (less than 90 days) in Tanzania. These are mainly member countries of the East African Community, as well as certain other African nations.

Other nationalities, on the other hand, are required to obtain a visa prior to departure or on arrival in Tanzania. Deadlines and procedures vary according to the country of origin and the type of visa requested. It is therefore essential to check with the relevant authorities before planning your trip.

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