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New Zealand and Australia are both popular destinations for travelers, thanks to their natural beauty, breathtaking scenery and numerous tourist activities. To get there, you'll need to pass through Auckland airport and complete certain formalities to obtain a visa or electronic travel authorization.

Visa types for New Zealand and Australia

There are several types of visa for travel to New Zealand and Australia, including the NZeTA(New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority) and theeVisitor. These electronic travel authorizations allow citizens of certain countries to stay temporarily without the need for a traditional visa.


The NZeTA is an electronic authorization that allows citizens of several countries to enter New Zealand without a visa for short-term stays. It is generally valid for stays of 90 days or less, for tourism, business or family purposes.

To be eligible for the NZeTA, a passport valid for the entire duration of the stay is required, along with an online application form. Travelers must also pay a processing fee and a tourist tax (IVL tax).

The eVisitor

The eVisitor is an electronic authorization similar to the NZeTA, but for Australia. It allows citizens of several countries to enter Australia for stays of up to 90 days, for tourism or business purposes. To be eligible, you must have a valid passport and complete an online application form.

Travel statistics for New Zealand and Australia

New Zealand and Australia are popular destinations for travelers from all over the world. Here are some interesting statistics on these two countries:

  • New Zealand welcomed over 3.8 million pre-Covid international visitors, including around 1.5 million Australians.
  • Australia welcomed over 9 million pre-Covid international visitors, with average annual growth of 6.7% over the last decade.
  • The main tourist markets for New Zealand and Australia are China, the UK, the USA and Canada respectively.
  • The most popular activities for travelers in New Zealand are hiking, visits to cultural sites and gastronomic tourism. In Australia, travelers particularly enjoy beaches, wildlife and road trips.

Formalities for travel to New Zealand and Australia

To travel to New Zealand or Australia, you'll need to complete a number of formalities, including your passport and visa or electronic authorization. Here's an overview of the main requirements:

  • Passport validity: Your passport must be valid for the duration of your stay. It is recommended to have at least six months of validity remaining after the planned date of departure from the country you are visiting.
  • Type of visa or authorization: Depending on your nationality and length of stay, you'll need either a traditional visa or an electronic travel authorization (NZeTA or eVisitor).
  • Processing times : Processing times vary according to the type of application and the time of year. It is advisable to apply at least a few weeks before departure to avoid delays.

Specialized visa agencies

While it's possible to apply for a visa or e-authorization yourself, there are specialized agencies that can help you with the process. They'll help you choose the right type of visa for your situation, and guide you every step of the way, making sure you meet all the necessary conditions.

By using a specialized agency, you'll benefit from considerable time savings and personalized assistance to best prepare your trip to New Zealand or Australia.

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